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The first and only app that allows you to test
the HiFi capability of an Audio System


Check an audio systems sound quality

TestHiFi is the first and simple tool that can be used everywhere to test an audio system’s HiFi capability. You do not need any more to test your audio system in the quietest room on earth, in expensive and effort intense studio conditions.

TestHiFi measures, in three positions average to limit unwanted room influences to the greatest possible extent, frequency range, harmonic distortions, multitone and aurally-weighted intermodulation, and rates it accordingly.

TestHiFi uses industry criteria to identify flaws in the sound quality. Severe flaws lead a rating red, less severe flaws lead to amber and only minor or no flaws are rated green.

Bust the HiFi myth, buy your system with certainty on its sound quality

TestHiFi delivers ratings (red, amber, green) for the tested system. TestHiFi sends the complex TestHiFi signal, then measures and rates the received sound played back by the system you are testing. Your mobile device needs to be connected to the audio system by wire, wireless, Bluetooth or any connection your mobile device is prepared for. Any connected system can be quickly tested.

No more HiFi myth stories. Simply measure it and bust the myth.

Buy your right system based on reliably measured sound quality.

First test app with instantaneous results

A HiFi music system is expected to replay recorded sound without unpleasant distortions and with full quality. Unpleasant distortions are certain levels of harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion, interference frequencies, distortion components outside the aurally weighted mask or wrong frequencies. A reproduction is incomplete, i.e. not played back with full quality, if stereo effects are not reproduced, or if there are significantly low levels in certain frequency ranges, lack of frequencies due to intermodulation and so on.

TestHifi sends a complex, but short, test signal through the sound system and analyzes the acoustical output in three microphone relevant positions to provide instantaneously a final test result and the rating (red, amber, green).

Set the new High Fidelity standard

If you buy a TV, existing standards like „High Definition“ or „4k“ provide an easy orientation for customers.

If you buy a music system, there is no corresponding HiFi sound reproduction standard in use today. „High definition audio“ may refer to certain digital audio data formats but this does not say much about the aural quality of the reproduced sound.

A HiFi music system is expected to replay recorded sound without unpleasant distortions and with full quality. TestHifi analyzes common weaknesses of music systems to rate them RED (far below HiFi), AMBER (closer, but still not HiFi) and GREEN (possibly HiFi). Green is deemed to, at least, satisfy the entry level of HiFi quality – meeting the proposed HiFi standard.


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Download TestHiFi to test the capability of your sound system or of the sound system that you would like to purchase in a store.


TestHiFi APP Introduction

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