The Sound of Tubes ?

At TestHiFi we discuss and develop ways to measure aspects of music reproduction. Sometimes, working on my own loudspeaker projects, such aspects draw attention. About such an event I want to write this time. When […]


Woofer Size

Why woofers need to be large to radiate efficiently Due to a recent discussion about efficiency and directivity: Is higher efficiency – like with horn systems – a result of higher directivity? Produced by restricting […]

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Phase and Time 3

 Text to speech  –  TestHiFi blog: Phase and Time 3 Phase and Time – Time Domain Response, Step Response In my first blog „Phase and Time 1“ I focused on amplitude and phase shown as […]


Phase and Time 2

 Text to speech  –  TestHiFi blog: Phase and Time 2 The system that shouldn’t work well – phase and time completely ignored! Last time I wrote about phase and time issues of loudspeakers. A result […]


Phase and Time 1

 Listen to the blog: Phase and Time 1 While certain crossover configurations let tweeter (HF) and woofer (LF) radiate in phase with each other, this does not mean they radiate at the same time. Motivated by […]

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Loudspeakers and Single Ended Tube Amplifiers

 Text to speech – TestHiFi Blog: Loudspeakers and Single Ended Tube Amplifiers What are SETs? Short for Single Ended Tube, or more specific, Triode Amplifier. My favorite kind of amplification! The inherent problem of those […]

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Music, Loudspeakers and Measurements

I remember the moment when, late in childhood, after about 10 years of piano playing, I made a decision. After hearing a very impressive piano player I thought I would never be in that league. […]


Listening Position Measurements

Measurements at the listening position are nice to achieve a quick „objective“ sound quality documentation of an audio system. Let’s have a look at the basics. John Atkinson of Stereophile magazine keeps a certain procedure […]


Loudspeaker Measurements – Part 1

Part 1 – loudspeaker time domain and 1 m data I would like to show some real nearfield and farfield measurements to underline my last blog about basic loudspeaker „frequency response“ measurements. As always, be […]


Modal coupling – aka Low Frequency Optimization

Modal coupling is about how your loudspeaker’s and listening position influence the reproduction of low frequencies (LF) in your room. Fundamental frequencies We have been talking about room modes in the resonance blog. At a […]