Faint sounds of distortion

Did you ever hear the noise produced by an audio amplifier under measurement, with resitors instead of loudspeakers connected? There is a lot of buzz, and sometimes hum. If components in an audio circuit produce […]


Phase and Time 3

 Text to speech  –  TestHiFi blog: Phase and Time 3 Phase and Time – Time Domain Response, Step Response In my first blog „Phase and Time 1“ I focused on amplitude and phase shown as […]


Music, Loudspeakers and Measurements

I remember the moment when, late in childhood, after about 10 years of piano playing, I made a decision. After hearing a very impressive piano player I thought I would never be in that league. […]


Listening Position Measurements

Measurements at the listening position are nice to achieve a quick „objective“ sound quality documentation of an audio system. Let’s have a look at the basics. John Atkinson of Stereophile magazine keeps a certain procedure […]


Loudspeaker Measurements – Part 1

Part 1 – loudspeaker time domain and 1 m data I would like to show some real nearfield and farfield measurements to underline my last blog about basic loudspeaker „frequency response“ measurements. As always, be […]


Measuring Loudspeakers – intro

For me as a loudspeaker designer and acoustician measuring loudspeakers is mostly about the far field pressure response (magnitude and phase). With such measurements we can determine frequency domain characteristics like the on-axis and off-axis […]

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